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Red and pink sky Acrylic on canvas 50x50cms.JPG

The big reveal of my winning raffle ticket at the Art in Poundbury Exhibition 2022...
'Red & Pink Sky', acrylic on canvas. What a wonderful surprise for me. I am thrilled and honoured to hang it on my wall.....
I look forward to viewing the next (exhibition)!

Jenny Penney


Colour! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams

Paul Gaugin

Finding the light Oil on canvas 60x60cms_edited.jpg
Rainbows keep falling oil on canvas 92x92cms.JPG

Finding the Light
Oil on Canvas 60x60cms

Rich Colour Combos

So love your work excites the centre brain with your rich colour combos.


Everything and More

These are everything and more. Love them Moira.


Rainbows keep Falling
Oil on Canvas 92 x92cms


Twilight zone Oil on canvas 70x70cms.JPG
Undergrowth oil on canvas 61x61cms.JPG

Oil on Canvas 61x61cms

Twilight Zone
Oil on Canvas 70x70cms

Fabulous Colour


I really love this



Totally love this piece


Draws You In

You want to dive into the painting and explore...

it really draws you in, the richness, the colour.


I have a compulsive urge to create

Moira Hazel

Getting invoved Oil on canvas 40x40cms.JPG

Like colourful graffiti

So colourful


Getting Involved
Oil on Canvas 40x40cms

It is not enough to place colours, however beautiful, one beside the other; colours must also react on one another. Otherwise, you have cacophony.

Henri Matisse

Looks Amazing

I just wanted to let you know how much he loved that painting of yours, that I gave him for his birthday. It looks amazing on the wall. Thank you again



Flora Dora
Oil on Canvas 60x60cms

Absolutely Love Them

The paintings have arrived and we absolutely love them. Thank you so much.Even better than the photographs.


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