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I was born in South Wales and now live in Dorset having lived in East Anglia for nearly 30 years. Visual stimulation from different surroundings, colour combinations from nature or photographic images, or even a piece of fabric can create ideas for inclusion in a painting. The vibrant colours, light and brightness of the Mediterranean, Australia or the fascination of fishing boats in the West Country give me great pleasure and inspiration.


I have a compulsive desire to paint, create, make marks and produce vivid and expressive work. I use lively surface texture and intense colours and endeavour to capture the essence of a place or subject, not restricted with realism. I also produce glass-fused paintings and sculptures. The glass work is often a reflection of my paintings.


I have exhibited in many galleries in the UK. Bell Fine Art in Winchester, Hampshire is currently showing a selection of my work. Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge have bought 5 of my paintings as part of their collection. 

Despite the turmoil of the Lockdown, I have found that being marooned by the Pandemic has increased my positive energy , allowing sunshine to come through my work. My enforced stay in Australia during this period has reignited my love of colour , intensity of light and art and has given me fresh impetus.


The right bank Acrylic on canvas 100x100cms.JPG
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