Commissions are so very personal and I make sure that I fully understand what you might really want. Discussions, sketches and several photos are a feature of the research needed. You might want a painting similar to an already completed painting. I update you with the progress.

Left is a commissioned painting I completed a few years ago. The brief was very lively and full of fun. I loved painting it!

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Right is a colourful commission for a 21st birthday party. There was a big marquee and all the guests camped in the garden. I wanted to capture the fun of the party, and all the elements that played into the celebrations.

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A testimonial from Kirsty, who commissioned this painting:
 I first saw a painting of Moira’s in a local art gallery in Suffolk about 6 years ago and thought to myself, what a fun, energetic, cheerful picture, I’d absolutely love one of those.
Little did I know that years later for my 40th birthday my family had treated me to a commissioned painting by Moira herself.
Plenty of photo’s were exchanged with sketches and discussions of what I was looking for.
The exciting first glimpse of the painting came through by email and with Moira's fantastic use of rich, vibrant colours and the super happy injection of brush strokes I and my family were blown away.
Over the coming weeks Moira regularly kept me up to date with how the painting was progressing and to our delight progressing it certainly was. The body language of each of us were captured perfectly.
Moira’s imagination and her interpretation was far in excess of what I was expecting.
As the completion of the painting ended I had the fantastic opportunity to meet with the incredibly talented and very passionate Moira Hazel in person to receive my piece of art work, I couldn’t have wished for a better way to have ended the journey.
I’m absolutely over the moon and thrilled to bits and hoping just maybe I’ll have another Moira commissioning at my next milestone birthday!
Take a look at the masterpiece.